Monday, 14 January 2013

Solved: DNS Request Timed Out

DNS Request Timed Out
DNS Request Timed Out.

Are you getting DNS request timed out while running Nslookup? This command is used to find out the DNS name of your domain network, at times when we are setting up entirely new network or troubleshooting any issue then a common problem  is "DNS request timed out". 

The timed out error means that the request is taking longer time than usual, and your DNS is not responding within specified time limit. 

Reasons of DNS request timed out.
  • Before you proceed check if the LAN setting are fine there should be no loop back address in network adaptor properties.
  • Check the lookup zones (Forward and Reverse).
  • Create if any of the zones is missing. 
  • Make sure the reverse lookup zone is created.
  • If the reverse lookup zone is there then create PTR record. PTR record tell your DNS to resolve IP to NETBIOS name.
  • Finally if nothing works then go to run and type ncpa.cpl and from network adaptor properties remove tick from IPV6 then save. Close command prompt and start again and run "nslookup" again.
Hope this works for you and resolve it, if not then feel free to comment then we will fix it together.

DNS Request Timed Out 






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