Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hide Wireless Key In Windows 8 (Solved)

Hide Wireless Key In Windows 8
We proudly announce a successful solution to hide wireless key, today we are going to explain how we can hide wireless key in Windows 8. This windows is a huge hit so far. People say it awesome i find it awesome too, with lots of new graphics and applications that has been  introduced in windows 8 that have earned a lot of fame and respect for Windows 8 despite of all features there are some flaws (I say it flaw as i find it a loophole) that should have been amended and improved before its release. well personally i don't have any grudges with that but windows 8 will be under dark cloud and questioned in near future because some of its feature. For the last many years Microsoft has been frequently answering people's question to hide wireless security key. There are some more new features added that have become the subject of criticism these days but we have tried and solve them
  1. Metro UI: We have recently written article to remove it. Read More>>
  2. Start Menu: Start Menu is added through a tweak. Read More>>
  3. Wireless key can be seen: This feature is solved through removing admin rights.

I don't understand why Microsoft has made this feature because they have not suggested any feature to disable the visibility of the wireless key. we all know how easily the wireless key can be compromised anyone who knows about this can copy it and connect his laptop without any difficulty, I also had a same question about the visibility of password and then I presented the first solution to this problem that hide wireless key through group policy in windows 7. I know that was not ideal for everyone but still a huge percentage of our readers liked it. 

How to Hide Wireless key?

This troubleshooting applies to both Windows 7 and Windows 8

I was expecting this show character must be disabled in Windows 8 but that has never happened still the key can be seen. This started many threads of questions again, nobody wants an unsecured wireless connection. we have written many articles regarding wireless security to configure your router to ensure best security. As I told you that there is no option to disable wireless key in windows 8 however we have found a golden mean that is very easy to follow and will work for you for sure.

This troubleshooting is all about admin rights that allows a user to see wireless key, we are going to hit the same thing. we all know when we install a fresh windows then a default user is created and then we start working on it because this user is also admin uses hence it gets all admin rights due to this a user can see Wireless key hence we are going remove admin rights from a user profile to revoke access of the password.

Steps To Hide Wireless network key

Step#1: Lets enable Administrator, go to run and type compmgmt.msc and hit enter.

Step#2: Go to local users and groups > users > Administrator> Set Password.

Step#3: Right click on administrator and remove a check from account is disabled  and OK, now we can login to admin account and manage rights of users.

Step#4: the admin account is enabled, let's log in to administrator account and follow the same step from step#1 and Step#2.

Step#5: Go to  Member Of Tab and remove administrator from the box.

Step#6 Now Click add and add the left bottom you will find Advanced, Click it then this box will appear then click Find Now and then select users click OK.

Step#7: Make sure your profile is added to users group and click OK.

Now log out from administrator account and login to your account and check if you can see your wireless network key.

Conclusion: This is the only way we have discovered so far, through this we have snatched admin rights and given users right, due to this a user can use the system but cannot reach to wireless key.

Effectiveness: It's 100% effective and protected until you share the admin password.



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